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NET JAPAN Co., Ltd. (NJ) is Japan' s leading company engaged with Recycle of Precious Metals (Ingot/Scrap), Diamond and Jewelry, in Japan.


Hours:Weekdays 9AM-6PM / Saturdays 9AM-3PM



Net Japan Co., Ltd.(NJ) is Japan's Leading company engaged with Recycle of Precious Metals (Ingot/Scrap), Diamond and Jewelry, with 13 operation bases in Japan at present.
NJ, taking an eternal value of Precious Metals and the liquidity in the global market into consideration, has been working to utilize the assets effectively by recycling Precious Metals, Diamond and Jewelry which consumers own in a market, and at the same time bring the enrichment of consumers' life and contribute to the revitalization of society.
With a rising awareness of consumers for the Recycle and an increasing their need for it, NJ recognizes that the role NJ should play increase further. A Recycled High Quality Jewelry has been described explicitly as Recycled Vintage Jewelry, and NJ endeavors to consolidate Secondary Jewelry Market for Recycled Jewelry which could provide consumers with a new value of jewelry, in conciliation with brand-new jewelry.
NJ is committed to observe [Accurate weighing],[Accurate evaluation of purity] and [Accurate Diamond Buying-price], and NJ seeks to become a company who, providing customers with Fair value with which customers agree and a solid Fair trade, earns their trust and confidence.

The largest diamond and jewelry recycler in Japan.

Established more than 20 years ago, our company has built a reputation as one of the largest trading companies in diamonds and Fine jewelry. With 13 domestic branches as well as 5 overseas branches, we meet the needs of our clients by providing a large selection of goods and services that cater to each.


Buying and selling of Diamonds, Fine Jewelry,and Brand Watches.
We also actively participate in auctions and jewelry exhibitions.
Please don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Throughout the year, we have been participating in jewelry exhibitions around the globe.


Worldwide network that guarantees a reliable deal.

We are the biggest company of our kind in Japan, with a network of 13 domestic branches stretching nationwide as well as 4 overseas branches that all help to provide customers with high quality diamonds and jewelry at the lowest possible prices